"Do the best, Be the best" Baum CM pursues the construction of the best ever standard

· Vision Being the top global player who creates value of construction business
· Mission Creating the construction culture by satisfying clients’ needs, pursuing happiness of team members, giving partners trust
· Core Value BAUM CM – Consideration, Passion, and Trust - are the cornerstones that identify BAUM CM people, the mission we carry out and the vision we realize
. Consideration With respect and consideration for others, we encourage each other and invent synergy for mutual development.
. Passion We are the people of solutions and expertise, transforming challenges into chances under any circumstances.
. Trust We are fully responsible for our client providing innovative solutions through constant communication.
· Vision
건설산업의 가치를 창조하는 Global Top Player
· Mission
우리는 고객에게 감동을, 구성원들에게 행복을, 동반자들에게 믿음을 주는 건설 문화를 창출한다.
· Core Value
BAUM CM이 소중하게 지켜온 가치이자 신념이며, 우리의 비전과 미션을 달성하는 데 있어 구성원 모두의 사고와 행동의 기준이 된다.
. 배려(Consideration)
우리는 다양성을 인정하고 상대방을 배려하는 것을 기반으로, 서로의 발전을 위해 격려하고 도움을 주면서 시너지를 창출한다.
. 열정(Passion)
우리는 어떠한 상황에서도 고려가치 창출을 위한 도전으로 전문가적 솔루션을 갖는다.
. 신뢰(Trust)
우리는 언제나 고객의 대리인으로서 역할과 책임을 다하기 위해 끊임없이 소통하고, 한발 앞선 솔루션을 제공하여 고객 감동을 실천한다.
· Business Divisions
Business Planning Division
Global Business Team
Domestic Business Team
Strategic Planning Team
Construction Management Division
Quantity Surveying Team
Engineering Team
Project Support Team
Administration Support
Human Resource
Research and Development Center
Customer Satisfaction & Risk Management Center
· History
Smoke Control System T.A.B Certification
‘Best Family Friendly Management’ Certification Participate in the ‘Work and Life Balance’ Campaign
Moved headquarters from Gangnam-gu to Songpa-gu / acquired estate development license
Executed technical MOU with CUMMING, expert QS Company in USA.
A division within BAUM Architects formerly known as BAUM CM established as BAUM CM Registered Architect Co., Ltd. as a separate entity
Reorganized Construction Management division (President Yeunsung Cho appointed)
Changed name of company to ‘BAUM Architects, Engineers & Consultants Inc.’
Acquired license for the overseas construction business
Acquired engineering registration
Registered as the construction supervision company
Founded ‘BAUM Architects’
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