CEO’s Greetings

“Beyond the best, BAUMCM will accompany client on the road to success with extraordinary service that surpasses expectations.”

We foresee and plan ahead before client, determined to lead and realize success of client with true ownership spirit.  

As the existing termsupervision is no longer in use, and has introduced the term CM (Construction Management) to indicate what has been traditional supervisor’s role. The change of the term itself does not necessarily mean that supervisors are capable of carrying out CM’s genuine role.  

CM pursues and realizes client satisfaction based on technical expertise and this is the core philosophy of BAUM CM.
In the CM, initial stages of business such as construction design, procurement and contracting are the most crucial part of whole project and key to project success.

In other words, improving the completeness of the design upon expert knowledge as well as effective cost management (Quantity Surveying) are the core principal.  

However, these cannot be seen unless we are fully aware of clients’ intention.

We now live in the era CM is called PM, and it will further expand into the field of Program Management Office (PMO), which will act as clients’ in-house/internal supporting organization.

BAUM CM already provides expanded PM and PMO services in projects including LEGOLAND, and through this experience, we intend to export our client-oriented Korean CM philosophy to overseas in reverse. In other words, unlike foreign CM companies who only provide limited services and projects within the agreed scope, we propose ‘one and only’ CM and PM services whose concern and empathy stem from clients’ agenda.

To this end, BAUM CM first established a PM company, MUBAHDALA BAUM in Saudi Arabia (KSA), in the center of the Middle East.

In near future, the construction market will see itself as an axis of the fourth industry based on A.I., and we are preparing for the change.

By doing so, we will not only enhance the competitiveness of Korea’s construction industry, but also be able to innovate
the construction market structure, change processes, and make more transparent and precise forecasts.

BAUM CM, faithful to basics, will constantly endeavor ourselves to achieve these objectives, knowing that a different
approach, different thinking, and different method will make us the clients’ cordial partner
and advisor for business success.


CEO Yunsung Cho