BAUM CM recruits talented and professional engineers at any time of year.

· Opportunities

. Positive Attitude A person with a positive and progressive mind who enjoys collaborating

. Creativity A creative and flexible person who plays a vital role in forging customer values

. Personal Development A global professional whose goal is to expand business expertise through ongoing self-discipline

· Benefits
Work environment Meals Lunch and over-time meals (gift vouchers provided)
Rewards Annual reward on successful employees (Award certificate & voucher) Reward on long-term employees (commemoration medal)
Extra payment Support CS & CM leader with extra expenses
On-site payment Pay on-site expenses
Health & Safety Health Checkup Regular health checkup for all employees Health & safety consultation
Family event support Gift flowers wreath Congratulations /Condolences expenditure and Vacation
Family-friendly Family member and spouse birthday Co-op electrical voucher
National holidays, company foundation day Co-op gifts for New Year’s Day, Chuseok and Foundation day
Paid holidays Annual paid holidays (annual leave program)Pre-notice company holidays at the beginning of the fiscal year
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· Recruitment process

Application review → 1st interview (working-level) → 2nd interview (executive level)→ employment 1. The 1st Round Interview (staff panel): Selected candidates will be personally notified. 2. 2nd Round Interview (executives): Selected candidates who pass through the 1st round interview will be personally notified. ※ In some cases, an additional interview could be requested after the 1st round interview, or the 1st and 2nd round interview may take place at the same time.

· For more information

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· Current opportunities
CM & CS Design Management An experienced design manager for large scale projects (Turn-key, Fast-track) An experienced design manager in construction companies General qualification -More than 4 years of field experience Preference - Registered engineers and architects - Experienced construction general manager - Experienced in overseas construction project - Experienced in high-rise, large-scale logistics, GMP facilities and semiconductor plant project
QS(Cost Management) QS experts specialized in government affairs and estimation Experience in large-scale projectExperience in overseas QS project
Construction Management Experience in high-rise, logistics construction & CS Adept at planning construction execution plan
Schedule Management Experience in schedule management of large-scale project (especially Fast-track)
Architecture, Structure Experience in structural engineeringExperience in various high-rise structures
Civil Engineering Experience in large-scale project and the resort facility Experienced in the infrastructure facility of urban development Licensed for geological survey and foundation engineering
Mechanical Experience of large-scale project Experience in the semiconductor plant and cleanroom and design management
Electrical & Telecommunication Experience of large-scale project Experience in the semiconductor plant and cleanroom and design management
Marketing CM Business Development Experienced in CM & CS business development Developing a new business with knowledge on relevant systems & regulations
Property Development PM More than 3 years of relevant in property development or PM Experience in planning and management of large-scale mixed-use complex, resorts, etc. Experienced in Project Financing
Department Team Expertise Qualification