Construction Management

"The goal of BAUM CM’s is to create value for our client and their success."

On behalf of our clients, BAUM CM’s multi-skilled experts provide specialized support and services to efficiently manage projects from inception to completion. We support our client with our proven capability to maximize the value of clients’ assets, to effectively manage the triple constraints (cost, time and quality) of a project, and maintain sustainability throughout the entire planning, design, procurement and construction processes.  

· Project Management Establish an integrated management system throughout the whole design and construction phase
· Design Management Reduce construction errors through the design review based on clear understanding of clients’ objectives
· Cost Management Implement Cost Planning and Cost Control by our skilled Quantity Surveyors (QS) to avoid cost overrun
· Time Management Implementing systematic schedule management for the whole process involved in design, construction and fast-track construction projects
· Quality Management Establish and operate quality control system utilizing PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) tools
· Procurement & Contract Management Establish optimized procurement plan and administer contracts / Review potential risks on contracts and establish countermeasures
· Risk Management Establish risk management plan prior to design, construction risks and potential claims
· Safety Management Conduct a design review from the design stage to prevent accidents during the construction and operation
·Sustainability Consider project’s LCC (Life Cycle Cost) in the design and construction management to secure eco-friendly project
·Efficient Project Management Efficient management and operation regarding all the possible outcomes emerging during the entire process
·Project Execution within Budget Eliminating factors increasing project costs by systematic budget allocation
·Project Completion within Target Schedule Integrated program management considering project specifics and overall project duration
·Assurance on Highest Quality Preventing poor quality workmanship in design and construction project by conducting preliminary in-depth assessment utilizing expert’s evaluation
·Secure Safe and Eco-friendly Project Securing safe and sustainable projects from any kind of incidents and disasters