Quantity Surveying (QS)

“Our specialized cost management service is simply unbeatable.“

In many major countries, when a construction project commences, architects and quantity surveyors work closely together as an integrated team. Our role is to deliver the best value service within the budget allocated in the most cost-efficient way possible. Our experienced quantity surveyors having executed projects for in and outside the country provide client-centered CM service.

We offer systematic, fully structured cost management services as a means of managing project costs for the best benefits of our clients. The services are as follows: budgeting, cost planning, cost control, contractor selection advisory, risk management and close-out service. Choosing the comprehensive cost management service that we offer, our clients are assured of maximized asset and investor value.

· Cost Management

BAUM CM's Procurement Management Service secures high quality construction by vetting and therefore enabling the most appropriate contractor to participate in the bidding process and selecting the most competent contractor to undertake the project.
We, not only secure the quality of the construction process as a whole, but also protect client’s interest by eliminating possible risk prior to the project contract and during the process of negotiation.

· Services
  • .Establish procurement strategy (Verify optimum procurement type, procedure control)
  • .Shortlisting and pre-qualification
  • .Tender documentation and hold pre-bidding conference
  • .Bid receipt & evaluation
  • . Selection of preferred bidder and negotiation
  • . Selection advisory
  • . Contract preparation
  • . Support contract award
  • . Contract Administration (Post-contract stage)