Specialized Services

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Feasibility Study is the vital element in development and construction project planning. It projects the magnitude of expected funds, finance, income, revenue, expenditure and profit and loss. Therefore, feasibility study is considered as one of the key elements in development and construction planning activity that aims at actualization of the business. The purpose of the Feasibility Study is to assess the viability of the project so that client can make investment decision. At the same time, it plays a key role in analyzing issues and risks pertained in the project, as well as clarifying the condition and objectives for the successful formation of the business.

· Scope of Services
  • Stage1: Market Research
  • · Macro Review : Economic indicators, domestic and overseas investment trends
  • · Micro Review: : Conditions of development area, future demands, etc.
  • · Investigation on potential investors
  • · Site Analysis: : - Geopolitical characteristics and nearby facilities - Traffic impact, infrastructure etc.
  • · Positioning: - Role in the development region - Provide directions and establish positioning strategy
  • Stage2: Feasibility Studies
  • · Investment Model Analysis :Project budget
  • · Profit Analysis : - ROI - NPV/IRR
  • · Business Plan : Land use program etc.
  • · Marketing strategy and funding plan
  • · Development milestone
  • · Financial Procurement and Investment Attraction: Domestic, foreign investment consultation
  • · Risk analysis and solution development

Incorrect design poses a significant risk at the project construction stage. This leads to the reduced overall quality of construction while increasing the daily cost. In order to avoid such predicament at the construction stage, each and every design step is thoroughly reviewed and coordinated by our multi-disciplined specialists. We manage the production of the highest quality construction design, striving to prevent design errors through cross-disciplinary verification, and therefore provide a foundation for a successful completion within the project budget.

· Scope of Services
  • Design (Quality) Management
  • · Over (Excessive) design review
  • · Economic, constructability review
  • · Design suitability, conformance review
  • · Design completeness review
  • · Crosschecking against site conditions and its reflection in the design
  • Value Engineering (VE)
  • · Review on cost saving alternates by VE experts
  • · Design review considering maintenance
  • · VE case studies
  • · Cost comparison and analysis of different alternates
  • · Specific implementation of cost saving measures
  • Design Coordination and Correlations Review
  • · Fine tune discrepancy between project participants
  • · Act as a design coordinator
  • · Technical review
  • · Review relevant law, regulations and codes
  • · Review new methodologies and special methodologies

Due diligence is an investigation in order to assess the current value of buildings during the M & A process, or buying or selling properties. Accurate due diligence provides firm grounds for negotiation, which can be utilized as a fundamental tool for executing contract between the parties. The current state of the project can be accurately assessed through a prompt and precise investigation throughout the entire building trade involving architectural aspect, building structure, fire system, mechanical and electrical services.

· Scope of Services
  • · Review construction documentation and calculations
  • · Review supervision report and facility operations report
  • · Review plant and equipment (status and background)
  • · Conduct crack inspection by components and zones
  • · Conduct water leakage test on roof and underground retaining wall
  • · Conduct structural inspection on floor, walls, columns etc.
  • · Inspect internal and external materials and finishes conditions
  • · Inspect disaster prevention system and evacuation facilities
  • · Inspect various mechanical, electrical and plumbing system (load and capacity)
  • · Check conditions of various utilities
  • · Evaluate rectification or reinstatement cost
  • · Prepare and submit final DD report

LTA provides a technical advisory service on specific project disciplines that best protects client assets and profits. BAUM CM’s LTA service executes R&R matrix and work process manuals, technical consultation, design review, cost management and progress claim valuation throughout the entire construction project to significantly enhance the investment stability.

· Scope of Services
  • Design Phase
  • ·Design suitability, conformance review
  • ·Budget adequacy review
  • ·Program review
  • ·Contract/Procurement review
  • Construction Phase
  • ·Design change management
  • ·Variations and cost management
  • ·Multidisciplinary technical consultation
  • ·Progress claim and progress rate adequacy review
  • Post Construction
  • ·Review commissioning plan
  • ·Review test-on-completion plan
  • ·Review facilities takeover plan
  • ·Establish FMS and review operations plan